Oyedo Eau de Toilette

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A Burst Of Light

Origin : France

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An uplifting blend of orchard citrus supported by a subtle, spicy undercurrent, Oyedo is endlessly tantalizing. The invigorating promise of plentiful boughs, laden with succulent fruit motivates us to dedicate ourselves to the satisfaction of our senses.

Bright lemon is a uniquely floral fruit; its acid bite is softened by a lean, woodsy quality and these duelling components render a lemon which bears some resemblance to the linear, clean tang of Narcissusian bloom.

Green mandarin is unapologetically luminous, a searing burst of verdant light which is as fresh and enlivening as the green interior of a sapling. Orange is the richest of the three citrus fruits, a sweet, juicy, slightly aromatic orb of golden luxury.

Tamarind amplifies both the sour and the sugar of Oyedo, contributing a turbinado-esque intensity that allows us to savor the freshest aspects of citrus without feeling excoriated. Thyme lends its ethereal, adaptable aroma to each fruit individually, heightening and refining lemon, mandarin, orange, and tamarind in turn.

Cedar’s dry, slightly smoldering strength is strong enough to stand up to this acid assault, and its vaporous form rounds the curves of citrus like a devoted gardener.

A luxurious, invigorating, and enchanting display, Oyedo is bright and colorful celebration.

(citrus, thyme, cedarwood)
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SD Alcohol 39C (Alcohol Denat), Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua), Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol.
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EAN: 3700431405715

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