98 5850 Buffalo Horn 5/8 Razor

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Made With Genuine Buffalo Horn

Origin : Germany

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Each Dovo razor is uniquely crafted then smoothed and polished to highlight the natural beauty of the horn.

This razor features:
- 6/8`` Solingen steel blade
- Gold detailing on blade
- Genuine buffalo horn scale

Made in Solingen, Germany using traditional craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. With proper care and sharpening, this Dovo Straight Razor will give you a close, consistent shave for years.

Note: Not pre-honed/pre-sharpened and may not be shave ready. May require honing before first use.

When you order your straight razor through Smallflower.com, you can have it honed and shave-ready by request at no additional cost (this option is only available at the time of purchase). Simply add item #10070382 to your cart (it appears as a separate item). Please be aware that this option may delay your shipment 1-3 weeks.
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EAN: 4045284007372

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