Avenger Wooden Handled Brush

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Origin : England

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The Dreadnought “Avenger” Boar Bristle Shaving Brush is a product that will improve the quality of your shave by creating a superior lather and ensuring that each of your hairs are properly coated with Dreadnought Shaving Cream. This ensures that you enjoy a delightfully close shave, and helps you avoid skin problems, ingrowing hairs and razor rash.

If you take care of your brush it will last you a lifetime - and care could not be any simpler. After using your “Avenger” (with Dreadnought Shaving Cream of course!) rinse the brush clean in warm water. Give it a little squeeze to get rid of as much water as possible, give it a good shake then the rest on its base so it can dry out.

Bristle Diameter: 40mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Overall Length: 90mm
Handle Diameter: 30mm
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Directions for Use: Soak your shaving brush in warm water and shake off excess. Dip into shaving cream and, using circular motions work up a rich warm creamy lather and apply to the beard area. Proceed to shave. After use the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and left to dry naturally.

EAN: 5060297000041

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