True Lust Eau de Parfum

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Knows No Bounds

Origin : France

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A blend of Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity, this fragrance marries peril and temptation. When the Putain des Palaces enters into a Dangerous Complicity, a relationship is brokered; an uneasy merger of hearts, minds, and flesh, True Lust combines the explicit, seductive powers of rose, violet, and powder with the implicit perils of rum and patchouli.

Ginger creates a sparkle atop this mega-floral, setting the forthcoming notes alight with its brilliant sheen. Rose absolute is a satin drape, all pink and smooth. Violet is a saucy shot of purple velvet, a textural interruption. Coconut and osmanthus meld, nutty sweetness and tangy fruit into one warm, delectable concoction. Lily of the valley is a searing bolt of bright white silk that energizes this thickly fragrant boudoir. Jasmine is as rich (and indolic) as antique brown brocade, while ylang ylang is all zippy romance, a yellow tulle. Tangerine and rice powder recall the dusty sheen of powder that drapes freshly cleaned skin, while amber, leather, animal notes, and sandalwood evoke the eternally scented parts of a body.

This sinful union evokes temptation and danger, jealousy and passion, all wrapped up in a shocking simple, sweet humor. The character at the center of True Lust is a woman. Sipping rum through ruby lips, she wonders what beast she will adore tonight, and how best to break him. Our heroine is Rimbaud’s Beauty, jaded but fearless. With the violet rays of her eyes, she dazzles and entraps. Lust is in the eyes of the beholder.

(rum, ginger, rose absolute, violet, coconut, osmanthus absolute, lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang ylang, tangerine, rice powder, amber, leather, animal notes, sandalwood)
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