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Red + White Fine Soap Bowl

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Be Good to Your Soap!

Origin : USA

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The quest for perfection in shaving soap has much in common with similar endeavors for whiskey and wine - and none of these are rightly consumed from disposable plastic containers!

Your soap has been good to you, now you can be good to your soap. These Fine Soap Bowls have been meticulously designed make your soap happy, and to elevate your shaving ritual to new heights of luxury. Sporting solid stoneware construction, a stackable design, and multiple (scent matching) colors, they also feature a full 3 cm of loading room above the puck, and a compact 9 cm outside diameter - which should fit most medicine cabinets.

- The Perfect Fit for Fine Classic Shaving Soap
- Solid Stoneware Construction
- Stackable and Color Coded
- Retro Shave Brush-Inspired Design
- 9 cm Diameter x 5 cm Height
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