Wacky Tacky Moustache Wax

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Excellent Hold, Easy to Apply

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Firehouse Moustache Wax is suitable for a wide variety of moustache styles. Whether you are trying to hold a certain shape or control unruly hairs, the wax is easy to apply and will not run. Firehouse`s waxes are made to get better with each use - they may be a little soft at first, but will get stiffer the more you open and shut the tin, which traps air in. Each small batch of wax is personally handmade and tested by John Pitts, the founder and creator of the company. The wax was created to have superior hold to moisture/humidity, heat, wind or any weather condition. We hope you`ll enjoy it!

Wacky Tacky is the darkest of the Firehouse waxes and a customer favorite. Due to the nature of the wax, it can sometimes be darker or lighter than shown above. It provides superior hold with easy application. Handmade in the USA.
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Directions for Use: Simply push some wax up onto your index finger, letting it curl up on your fingernail. Then wipe it on your thumb of the same hand. Rub the wax between your fingers for just a second and apply to your moustache with index finger, applying a little at a time using the wax off of your thumb. Some people may find it better to lightly run a comb or brush through the moustache once applied.

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