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Composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic

Primary Indications:

- For any known condition that provokes fear or anxiety - such as public performance or travel

- For use during any natural disaster or personal calamity. Works well in tandem or alternation with Five-Flower Formula during the most intense and immediate episodes of panic and chaos. To deal with residual stress and ongoing symptoms, use Post-Trauma Stabilizer

- A beneficial remedy for those with a constitutional tendency toward fear, panic, anxiety, restless agitation or disturbed sleep accompanied by anxiety

- An excellent remedy for children who are confronting new performance-based challenges in school or community

- A good baseline formula for all animals who are prone to fear; or who exhibit nervous unease in certain situations
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Red Clover, Mountain Pride, California Valerian, Oregon Grape, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Green Rose
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