St. John's Shield

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In recent years, St. John`s Wort has exploded into prominence, noted primarily for its natural ability to treat symptoms of depression. The essential quality of St. John`s Shield is its capacity to carry light into the dark well of the soul, providing a source of inner emotional radiance. This marvelous herb has a wide panorama of therapeutic possibilities. In addition to obvious depression and feelings of immobilization, it is very beneficial for `Seasonal Affective Disorder` from which many people suffer during winter, when outer light is reduced. St. John`s Shield can be equally helpful during summer, especially for fair-skinned persons who become easily disoriented and out-of-focus when exposed to harsh light conditions. St. John`s Shield should also be considered for insomnia, and other related disturbances in the sleep rhythm of the body, such as bedwetting in young children, or bodily upset from travel.
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