Baby Hamico Farm Animals Toothbrush

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A Toothbrush That You and Your Baby Will Love!

Origin : Japan

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The Hamico Baby toothbrush introduces your baby to oral care and makes it a pleasurable chore. Gone are the days of tears and even injuries from toothbrushes that just aren`t right for your child. Imagine instead, precious family time learning to brush teeth!

Breakthrough design elements include a wide, easy to hold handle that is completely safe. Long straight handles can accidentally poke and injure your baby. The short neck and specially sized head fit perfectly in baby`s mouth, easily reaching all their teeth without extending too far. With Hamico’s specially designed soft bristles, you can clean teeth and caress gums without scratching.

- An extra wide, flat handle for excellent control. Prevents over-reach of the brush into your baby`s mouth
- Small head and short bristles fit comfortably in baby`s mouth
- Rounded bristles remove food and plaque easily with gentle brushing
- Designs cannot be peeled off and be swallowed by accident due to the original printing technique
- Easy to hold handle makes brushing a very pleasant and natural experience for both parents and babies
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