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Sample - This Is Not A Blue Bottle EDP

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Origin : France

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Would you love to try This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum? Order a sample and ensure it`s the right fragrance for you. With Smallflower`s convenient sample program, you can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.

Samples are either packaged by the perfume house, or hand-poured here at Smallflower and presented in a 0.7 ml size (each 1 ml vial is filled 3/4 full for ease of application).

Please note: The color of the fragrance in the sample vial you receive may differ from the image shown.

About This Is Not A Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum:
A brilliant message of abstraction: from the elemental to the experimental, Not A Blue Bottle is an expression of olfactory hallucination, magnetic attraction. A tattoo that inscribes pleasure on skin, this scent connotes sensual excitement triggered by the vibrant rhythm of life, love, and freedom.

Starting with the irresistible aldehyde, Not A Blue Bottle is minimalist opulence, an oxymoronic abstraction of the classically oriental. As aldehyde emerges it creates a clear, impermeable surface that hangs above amorphous yet vivid forthcoming elements.

The hypnotic call of a fantasized pleasure (bitter orange) is juicy, a burst of acid energy manifesting along a vaporous continuum: orange resembles dust and fire rather than an orbital fruit. Geranium symbolizes and augments the exchange between aldehydes and bitter orange; its piquant-floral fizz recalls a moment when aldehydes and orange were distinctly physical, and imagines what that communion would have been like, while describing the spiritual union of aldehydes and orange in the present tense.

Polar honey (which conjures images of the nectar-like byproduct out of atomic combustion) oozes out, pooling in the central space of Not A Blue Bottle, a non-entity in the precise fashion of a black hole. Slip into and through this honey hole, and you’re hooked with no escape in sight...until magnetic amber comes to the rescue.

With tones that match honey’s golden beauty, amber tattoos skin afire with desire and its salty honesty extracts us from the deep, unsubsiding honey, just in time. A mysterious abyss of Patchouli emotion mirrors the salty sweet dynamism of honey and amber with its own dulcet-dry smolder.

A satiny, soft musk unfurls, like a white carpet stretching through the air and over the horizon, a bridge to the beyond. Sur-Really beautiful, and continuously evolutionary on skin, This Is Not A Blue Bottle demonstrates that to learn, live, and love fully we must (at least occasionally) veer from logic.

(hypnotic aldehyde, electric orange, metallic geranium, polar honey, magnetic amber, ethereal musk, attractive patchouli)
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