Lys Noir Eau de Parfum

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Oppositional Beauty

Origin : France

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First launched during the height of the art deco era in 1924, Lys Noir plays with the heady aroma of lilies. A bottle containing a spicy, aromatic floral fate, Lys Noir is a study in contrasts that proves how powerfully opposites attract.

Pepper pairs perfectly with the insouciant ooze of tuberose, adding a welcome touch of dry heat to this defiantly beautiful, free form floral. Lily and narcissus, on the other end of the spectrum, are similarly well-paired yet very far from the hot, animalism represented by pepper and tuberose.

Lily is a gilded, maidenly scent, while narcissus offers a beguiling, slightly metallic purity that amplifies lily’s immaculate quality. When lily and narcissus meet tuberose and pepper, it is as if hot and ice have clashed, and the result is gorgeously theatrical. Alternately cooling and melting, these four notes fuse into one, smoking, warm body, that emits billows of dulcet, spiced breeze.

In the aftermath of this confrontation, heliotrope and patchouli echo and reinforce the disparate qualities represented by the first four notes we experienced, making Lys Noir alternately rich and ascetic, and ultimately fascinating.

Sandalwood and ebony furnish the vivid action of this fragrance with clear, precise boundaries which both contain and highlight. Musk is the final barrier between scent and self, a boundary that allows Lys Noir to float (rather than flop) onto skin.

Sensual, powerful, and stimulating, Lys Noir is a fascinating concept made into a corporeal, transformative reality.

(pepper, tuberose, lily, narcissus, heliotrope, patchouli, sandalwood, ebony, musk)
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