Signature Blue Mark Eau de Parfum

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Remarkably subtle, Jack Black Signature Blue Mark is a shimmering, magical substance that uplifts, purifies, and steadies the soul. Bergamot melds with watermint and cilantro, to form an intensely fresh top: bittersweet and soapy, these notes are reminiscent of a close shave and the feeling of relaxation and cleanliness that ritual engenders.

Japanese juniper is perfect when paired with sparkling, aromatic ginger: here, juniper is slightly effervescent, a cool blue sweetness that’s almost shiso leaf-like in its spiciness. Ginger matches the heat of juniper, and engineers a creamy, satiny texture that sinks effortlessly into skin, the silken fire of these two elements quietly reinforcing our own internal strength.

Vetiver is an earthy anchor, the soil-rich grassy green that contributes substance and durability to this composition. Patchouli is more amorphous than vetiver, a billowing sweetness that softens Blue Mark’s clear-eyed edge. Driftwood is an invisible structure, dry and impermeable, yet quiet and absorbent.

This fragrance is elegant and lush at heart, but projects a spotless image. Perfect for the board meeting or for a casual night on the town with friends and lovers. Crafted from the finest essential oils, with artisanal skill.

(bergamot, watermint, cilantro, Japanese juniper, ginger, vetiver, patchouli, driftwood)
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Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.
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