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Koda ProBiome Probiotic for Dogs by Keys (8oz Drops)

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For Perfect Doggy Digestion

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Product Description:

ProBiome4 is Lactobacilli sporogenes, a lactic acid-producing bacillus preparation. To over-simplify, it is a probiotic with exceptional properties. Lactobacilli through their metabolic processes prevent the growth of putrefactive organisms by competitive inhibition, the generation of a non-conducive acidic environment, and the production of bacteriocins. They improve the digestibility of ingested food constituents, boost the bioavailability of nutrients, possess hypocholesterolemic activity, and enhance the immune response.

In the human and dog gut, symbiotic bacteria exist normally to work with the body's digestion process. Chemicals such as parabens and Triclosan are used in everyday products to kill bacteria. These chemicals can be found in pet food, preservatives in treats and everyday products that dogs ingest. When consumed, they reduce the good bacteria in the gut which reduces the digestive process, leaving food in the dog for too long. The chemical bacteria reduction also affects the dog's coat, its feeling of being satisfied, and can cause gastrointestinal disorders as well as resident parasites.

ProBiome4 performs three distinct functions. It is a prebiotic, probiotic, and digestive aid. Adding it to the dog's food at each meal increases the levels of semi-resident probiotic in the form of Lactobacilli sporogenes. This is a very high-end, pharmaceutical-grade probiome-probiotic that increases the amount of active culture in the intestines aiding digestion. Among its major benefits is that being a Lactobacilli sporogenes it stays in the digestive system and creates more of its kind to help over the entire day.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Virgin Avocado Fruit Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Virgin Blackseed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin USP, Sesame Oil, Lactobacilli sporogenes Viable Colonies.

Directions for Use: Shake well. Pump into or one dog's food for each meal.

Dose: one pump per 10 lbs of body weight.

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MPN: 8453878

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About Keys:

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Keys designs, develops and manufactures head-to-toe natural healing therapies for people and pets. Ancient remedies, natural medicine, natural ingredients, aromatherapy and aboriginal remedies are combined with modern techniques and technology to provide safe and effective products for people and pets with skin disorders, sensitive skin, post cancer recovery, and those wanting to avoid chemicals in their lives.