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Korrigan Eau de Parfum by Lubin (100ml Fragrance)

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An Aromatic Aphrodisiac

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Product Description:

In the Armorican countryside, the Korrigans frolic at night. They come to harvest juniper berries and wild beechnuts: in dark caves they distill barley into spellbinding spirits, spiced with saffron, musk-infused via ambrette, and scented with lavender.

During the solstice festivals, the Korrigan drink this elixir out of leather pouches, and proceed to their primary business, emancipating bodies and souls. An evocation of earthly, magick delights, Korrigan is an invitation to revel in the sensuous pleasures and fantasies of the most extravagant faerie kind.

Perfumer Thomas Fontaine began Korrigan by imagining a tree, called “Caramel Wood”. Its sap would be sweet like English toffee, but as tangy as crab apples. Juniper and saffron would adorn its branches, and emanate its air of mystery. In an effort to recreate the leather vessels in which the Korrigan contain their magic brew, Fontaine introduced a supple note, accented by the smooth contours of whisky.

Cedar furnishes Korrigan with a sweet, sense of smoke, imbuing this fragrance with a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t sense of mystery. Oudh adds a touch of lactic funk to this remarkable fragrance, which enables Korrigan to stick on skin, rather than fleet.

A delectable, smoky, sweet yet slightly bitter fragrance, Korrigan is supremely delicious. As elegantly intoxicating as a first rate malt, Korrigan is liquid fairy dust.

(juniper berry, saffron, cognac, lavender, ambrette, whisky distillate, cedar, oudh, leather, vetiver, musk)

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About Lubin:

Amidst the turmoil of the French revolution emerged Pierre Francois Lubin’s legendary fragrance empire: Lubin. Founded in 1798 at rue Sainte Anne in Paris, Lubin is one of the world’s oldest and most illustrious perfume houses. Quickly winning the favor of the Imperial court and the subsequent Bourbon monarchy, Lubin became renowned throughout Europe for its captivating, original fragrances. Over 200 years later, the perfume house still maintains its reputation for innovative, complex blends of the highest quality. Exotic touches and decadent ingredients evoke the splendor of the royal courts, transforming the wearer of these fragrant elixirs into modern day royalty.

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Korrigan/Lubin Eau de Parfum personal review FOr most of my adult life I have been a student and collector of fragrance Whenever a new fragrance comes to my attention I seize upon a sample and in the case of KorriganLubin I was overjoyed In the category of oriental fragrances for me this is in the the top 5 THANK YOU MERZ APOTHECARY for carrying this and other top line fragrancesand the many many other products I am so very devoted to
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