Grand Soir Eau de Parfum
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The Radiance of a Parisian Night

Origin : France

Scent : Citronella

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The radiant night. Grand Soir sweeps us up in a whirlwind of pleasure. Within the satin textures and rhythmic shimmer of this perfume, the mysterious energy of Paris, City of Light, is converted into an imbibable intoxicant.

This is a scent that encourages the wearer to dress up and dynamically, so that you’re prepared for wherever this adventurous fragrance may lead you. Resplendent in your chosen look, Grand Soir cloaks the skin, like a fine serge cape that whips and warms and can disappear into the cool night air.

The burgundy tones of rich, smoky, rose-like Spanish cistus labdanum shimmer like forbidden gauzy underpinnings that peek out briefly as we streak across the bridges, in a mad dash for the left bank. Emboldened by our sweet, seamless appearance we’re hot on the chase of the literati ghosts whose monuments sparkle in the soft moonlit shade of vanilla marble (Siamese benzoin), against a the black-blue sky and golden glint of a bronze ornament (Brazilian tonka bean).

An amber-like, saline warmth is mitigated by bittersweet vanilla: together these elements collide and intermesh, the nighttime dark Seine capturing the ebullient purity of the far above stars. As the night deepens, the dark saltiness of amber and the silver brilliance of vanilla intensify, opposing forces generating the power of Grand Soir and Paris’ lights.

Gaze into the river, and witness the hypnotic rush of the live current, marvel at this magic and race on, into whatever awaits on the far shore.

(Spanish cistus labdanum, Siamese benzoin, Brazilian tonka bean, ambery and vanilla accord)
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