Oud Cashmere Eau de Parfum

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A Comforting Indulgence

Origin : France

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Oud is a star of perfumery that is one of this century`s rarest and most expensive natural raw materials. It took Francis Kurkdjian some time before he reached out for oud’s olfactory power and integrated it into his personal realm of practice. For Kurkdjian, oud conveys mystery, a bewitching narcotic that’s truly magnificent. This is an opulent Arabian perfume born out of a western sensitivity.

Like a quiet moment spent nestled in a whorl of soft textures, Cashmere Oud instills a calm, stillness in the wearer, while it fascinates and absorbs our busy minds with the puzzle of its sinuous, cipher-like technology. This fragrance is woven with all the gentleness of a second skin: soft and balmy, a corporeal enhancement of the finest quality. Labdanum burns slowly, a hot, rosey resin that weaves a sweet web mid-air, mimicking the barely traceable remnants of a passing presence, the perfect temperature achieved through a miracle fabric.

Benzoin sparkles, a mirage-like structure that glimmers in the middle of this scent like a seemingly close horizon, illuminated and beckoning with promise, like a tightly knit grid of golden-brown fibers. Benzoin’s cocoa-vanilla-carbonated quality slowly begins to melt, as if our vision blurs the closer we come to this precipitous element.

Out of its dissolution, vanilla emerges, the sole triumphant survivor of that Icarian meltdown. Vanilla is admirably light yet surprisingly deep, the texture that definitively inspires the comparison of this scent to cashmere. In this luxuriant setting, oud glistens, it’s characteristic, lactic heft additionally enriched by dulcet, molten textures.

Comforting, indulgent, yet remarkably unobtrusive, Oud Cashmere Mood simply sinks into skin, engendering a thirst for more.

(labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, oud)
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