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Inle Eau de Parfum by Memo (75ml Fragrance)

Item #10073949
Paradise Perfume

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By Country: france

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Product Description:

Time stands still over lake Inlé in Burma. Women embroider silk and men dance above the water, in boats that resemble floating palaces. In the morning mist, the market bustles and as the first light of day dawns, we hear sound begins to rise, a farewell to night, a welcome of the dawn.

Bergamot is a bright, joyous yelp at the outset of Inlé, while artemesia provides a sweeter, herbal quality that enriches and sophisticates bergamot’s unbridled enthusiasm. Mint is an invisible yet indelible presence, providing a cooling sensation akin to an incoming breeze of evaporating salt water. Osmanthus is a velveteen yet brightly colored texture, it’s peach-apricot quality enlivening this coastal scene like the first, triumphant rays of sunlight. Jasmine sambac is a rich, fertile smell, like the damp earth awakening, stirred into action beneath the sun’s (or osmanthus’) dawn.

Mate imparts a refreshing energy, like a whiff of fresh tea floating out from a kitchen window. Flouve lends a shade of darkness to Inlé, an invocation of the barely visible inland forests, full of dimly lit, fragrant woods. Musk is a subtle reminder of the human life that resides in this paradise. Tranquil yet enlivening, Inlé resuscitates even the weariest traveler.

(oil of bergamot, oil of artemesia, oil of mint, osmanthus absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, mate absolute, oil of flouve, musk)

Product Details:

Ingredients: Bergamot, Artemisia, Mint Essence, Osmanthus, Jasmine Absolute, Mate Absolute, Flour Essence, Musk

EAN: 3700458611069

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About Memo:

Clara and John Molloy, the founders of Memo Paris, met on a chair lift, between sky and earth, between two worlds, in that weightless space that brings out one’s daring side and broadens horizons. It wasn’t long before they decided to set off together on a long-distance journey. Memo, which they launched in 2007, was part of the adventure: a collection of scents from afar that take a destination and make it the point of departure for a sense-awakening epic. Each captivating fragrance serves as a threshold between the known and the unknown, an exciting invitation to openness and discovery that will surely take you on your own aromatic odyssey.