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Pre & Post Shave (Page 15)

While it’s one thing to enjoy a nice shave, it is entirely another to suffer from bumps, irritation or dry skin during or after your shave. Fortunately, offers an extensive line of pre- and post- shave products designed to keep your shaving experience nice and smooth.

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  • Preps Hair & Skin for a Shave Provence Pre-Shave Oil

    Midnight and Two Provence Pre-Shave Oil - 1oz Oil Item # 10078910
    In stock, ready to ship.
    This product ships for $3.50!
  • Preps Skin & Hair for a Shave The Study Pre-Shave Oil

    Midnight and Two The Study Pre-Shave Oil - 1oz Oil Item # 10078911
    In stock, ready to ship.
    This product ships for $3.50!
  • Emollient & Soothing Mirto di Sardegna Aftershave

    Saponificio Varesino Mirto di Sardegna Aftershave - 3.4oz After Shave Item # 10080289
    In stock, ready to ship.
    This product ships for $3.95!

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Whether you’re looking for shaving cream, after shave or shaving lotion, has just what you need.

If you suffer from pesky razor bumps or ingrown hairs, chances are you’re inadvertently irritating your skin while shaving. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied by enlisting the help of a high-quality shaving cream. Meant to soften hair follicles, moisturize skin and make shaving easier, shaving cream creates a smooth surface for the blade and results in reduced irritation and redness.

Available in a variety of scent and texture options, a good shave cream is a must-have for men with sensitive skin. For a freshly shaved and amazingly clean look, slap on some after shave once you’re done grooming up your jawline. Available in cooling, soothing and scented options, this is a classic men’s grooming product that hasn’t gone out of style over the years.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for a cooling recipe to provide immediate and lasting relief from minor razor nicks, cuts, bumps and burns. If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, opt for an after shave that offers witch hazel as a primary ingredient. Used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, witch hazel provides a cooling and softening effect that will calm even the angriest skin.

Regardless of whether you shave with a straight razor, safety razor, or cartridge razor, pre- and post-shave grooming products can help you better care for your skin. Perfect for moisturization, exfoliation, and relaxation, these products are every bit as functional as they are unique.

Opt for an after shave that doubles as your signature scent or go for witch hazel for maximum healing - the choice is yours. No matter you need, is here to help you elevate your shaving experience.