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Shave Brushes (Page 7)

Nothing beats a wet shave with a shaving brush. Do you desire a smooth shave, with baby-soft skin afterward? Using a shave brush with creamy lather and a razor can give you skin that is smooth and free of any remaining stubble residue.
Whether you use a straight razor, safety razor, or cartridge razor, the most important factor in your wet shave is your shaving brush. Choosing the right brush means you not only get to truly enjoy the feeling of a wet shave but the shave brush handles the lather correctly.

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  • Top-Notch Comfort & Performance Orange + Brown Stout Shaving Brush

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    Fine Accoutrements Green + Gold Stout Shaving Brush Item # 10080301
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    This product ships for $3.50!

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There are several different types of brushes: badger hair, boar bristle, horsehair, and mixed and synthetic bristle. The type you choose depends on your facial hair and your lather preference. A shaving brush absorbs water and infuses it into your shaving cream or soap. When the brush is applied to the skin, a rich, thick, cushiony lather is produced.

Along with the lather, your shave brush lifts and softens each hair so the razor can give you the closest possible shave. Without a shave brush, your whiskers lay flat against your skin, and require several passes to cut them, whereas one pass generally suffices when you are using a shaving brush.

Brushing your face with your shave brush before lathering can remove any dead skin that might clog your razor. While lathering, the shaving brush gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it soft and healthy. This is especially important for men with acne and men with mature skin that requires a bit more hydration.

If you prefer a shaving cream, you may want a softer bristle shaving brush as they hold more water and are good at generating lather from a cream. If your preference is for a hard shaving soap, then choose a denser shave brush as they are better at creating lather from a bar of shaving soap. If you have trouble creating a good lather, first soak the brush and then shake out most of the water. Run the brush around the soap or cream, getting it full. Then dip the shave brush tips into hot water for additional hydration and try to create a lather.

Once you have a good lather, enjoy the richness that only a close shave with your shaving brush can give you.