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Boar (Page 2)

A more economical version of the popular badger hair collection, boar bristle shaving brushes are a fine choice for anyone looking for an introduction to the world of wet shaving. They maintain a great lather and will perform for years, giving you a great shaving experience time after time.

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  • Uniquely Styled Black Boar Bristle Shave Brush

    Gold-Dachs Black Boar Bristle Shave Brush - 1pc Shave Brush Item # 10072534
    In stock, ready to ship.
    This product ships for $3.50!

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With their widespread availability and low cost, boar bristle brushes are a great solution for shavers on a budget! While they take some breaking in, boar hair will become softer and more malleable over time. With proper care, these brushes can match more expensive models in performance and comfort.

Boar hair comes in three distinct categories. First, unbleached are all brushes with hair that is untreated. In its natural state, this can mean the hair is yellow, brown, or even grey. Alternatively, bleached bristles are white looking. Finally, sketched hairs have been bleached and then dyed to resemble the look of a badger hair brush. The difference between these is largely up to style and taste, as they will all perform the job admirably!

While they have a shorter shelf life than badger hair, they will still last ten or more years and hundreds of shaves. Their immediate softness is around that of a Pure badger brush, but they will also soften considerably more over time with ample use. With thicker, stronger hair, boar bristle is less water absorbent, but it will still create a great lather with ease.

If you are new to the wet shave experience, or simply wanting to choose an economic alternative to the more luxurious brushes, boar bristle is a great choice. You can still get a superior, enjoyable experience without breaking the bank on more expensive models. Browse our collection and find the perfect match for you, and you can begin enjoying a better shave every day.