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Provence Shaving Soap

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Superior Lather & Creamy Formula

Origin : Canada

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Handmade just beyond the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Midnight and Two’s proprietary Shaving Soap formula expertly combines the finest natural ingredients. Often referred to as a “croap” (cream-soap) due to its soft texture, this Shaving Soap offers the best qualities from both products – the ease of lather often associated with creams and the superior performance of a soap (due to its higher concentration).

Generous amounts of Kokum Butter (sourced from India) and Illipe Butter (sourced from southeast Asia) ensure a thick and luxurious lather while Castor Oil provides volume. Bentonite Clay (sourced from the USA) provides extra “slip” and a silk-like quality to the lather. Hempseed Oil (sourced from Canada), known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, soothes the skin during and after the shave. Avocado Oil and sustainably harvested Palm Oil moisturizes the deep layers of skin reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Midnight and Two’s internationally recognized scents are blended using 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) ensuring a product that is safe, gratifying, and nourishing to the skin. This blend of Essential Oils is fresh and floral. Included:

- Lavender (steam distilled from the flower)
- Tea Tree (steam distilled from the twigs/leaves)
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