Chikuno Cube Natural Air Freshener

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Origin : Japan

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Forget about aerosol perfumes that cover up household odors! Charcoal is a tremendously effective air freshener, and the Chikuno Cube adds a dose of ingenious design for maximum effectiveness.

Charcoal is such an effective air cleaner because it contains countless tiny air pockets that absorb airborne odors. The honeycomb design of the Chikuno Cube maximizes this surface area, and looks sleek as a bonus. The cube is formed from a mixture of bamboo charcoal powder and clay, making it completely natural and biodegradable. Its compact size (approximately 1.75``) makes it perfect for general indoor use or enclosed areas like refrigerators. Drying the cube in strong sunlight once a month will ``recharge`` it, so it can be used for up to a year.
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