Absinth Extrait de Parfum

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A Faerie-like Fragrance

Origin : Netherlands

Scent : Absinthe

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``The fragrance aims to evoke degrees of hysteria. It is the result of a quest to stimulate irresponsible behaviour.`` The Nose.

Absinth is a bewitching scent. A boozy gourmand with touches of fresh herbs and the essential contribution of wormwood, this fragrance evokes a free-wheeling, vivacious energy yet it’s a refreshingly distant relative of scents that usually fall into the ‘party-ready’ category. Neither sugary nor bubbly, absinth is a searingly green, smooth elixir that calms frayed nerves as it sets our feet to tapping. A bittersweet darkness is the ingenious backdrop to the scintillating verdancy of Absinth, and this dim-brown black base calls to mind the toothsome richness of barely sweet, high cocoa concentration chocolate and rich, slightly oleaginous coffee--the kind of substances that stain the edges of mouths with a fragrant film of oil.

But while this dim base makes us feel as if we’re reveling in something truly sinful, the top and heart notes of Absinth counter and erase any sense of penitence or doubt we may momentarily experience in the midst of such indulgence. The lightest notes of Absinth have an semi-floral capacity, not unlike aspects of lemon or cardamom one might mistake for the heady fragrance of a bloom. The chartreuse-neon-green heart of this scent pulses with a light-absorbent, glowing intensity that blasts through and banishes any worries regarding insatiable appetites. Instead, Absinth makes us feel as if we are having the time of our lives.

Forget your cares and woes, and experience the sweet, immensely palatable potency of Absinth. In characteristic Nasomatto fashion, this scent lingers long into the morning after; and this scent, unlike it’s inspiring substance, feels just as great on the second day.
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