Every Woman's One Daily Multi

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Immune, Stress, & Hormone Support

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Every Woman`s One Daily delivers in one tablet 23 different nutritive and energizing probiotic vitamins and minerals as well as extracts of Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) and maca that have been revered for supporting a woman`s emotional balance. The addition of supercritical ginger and turmeric extracts maximizes bioavailability and efficacy.

New Chapter provides an organic probiotic alternative to isolated or USP vitamins and minerals. All of their vitamins and minerals are cultured in organic soy using nature`s most prized and studied probiotics, featuring Lactobacilli acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. New Chapter`s Probiotic Nutrients deliver biotransformed vitamins and minerals in their finest cultured form, much in the same way as miso, kefir, tempeh, and yogurt.
Ingredients +
One tablet contains:
Vitamin A - 5000IU (100% DV)
Vitamin C - 60mg (100% DV)
Vitamin D3 - 1000IU (250% DV)
Vitamin E - 30IU (100% DV)
Vitamin K - 80mcg (100% DV)
Thiamin - 1.5mg (100% DV)
Riboflavin - 1.7mg (100% DV)
Niacin - 20mg (100% DV)
Vitamin B6 - 2mg (100% DV)
Folate - 400mcg (100% DV)
Vitamin B12 - 12mcg (200% DV)
Biotin - 150mcg (50% DV)
Pantothenic Acid - 10mg (100% DV)
Calcium - 25mg (3% DV)
Iron - 3mg (17% DV)
Iodine - 75mcg (50% DV)
Magnesium - 6mg (2% DV)
Zinc - 7.5mg (50% DV)
Selenium - 50mcg (50% DV)
Copper - 750mcg (38% DV)
Manganese - 1mg (50% DV)
Chromium - 60mcg (50% DV)
Molybdenum - 10mcg (13% DV)
Stress + Energy Support Blend (from culture media): Organic Schizandra (berry), Organic Maca (root), Organic Chamomile (flower): 50mg
Hormone Support Blend (from culture media): Organic Chaste Tree (berry), Organic Red Clover (flower), Organic Raspberry (leaf): 30mg
Immune Support Blend: European Elder (berry) Extract, Organic Eleuthero (root) (from culture media), Organic Astragalus (root) (from culture media): 20mg
Ginger (rhizome) hydroethanolic extract: 3.2mg
Organic Turmeric (rhizome) powder (from culture media): 3.2mg
Organic Ginger (rhizome) supecritical extract: 0.8mg
Organic Turmeric (rhizome) supercritical extract: 0.8mg

Other ingredients: Culture media (organic soy flour, organic gum acacia, organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae [active and inactive], organic maltodextrin, organic orange peel powder, organic carrot powder, organic alfalfa powder, lactic acid bacteria [L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, L. rhamnosus], papain [deactivated], bromelain [deactivated], organic molasses and organic safflower oil), organic gum acacia, silicon dioxide, lac resin, carnauba wax and maltodextrin.
Details +
Directions for Use: One tablet daily. Can be taken anytime, even on an empty stomach.

Warnings: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your healthcare practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.

Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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