Still Life Eau de Parfum

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Energetic and Alive

Origin : France

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A sparkling and festive perfume, Still Life is a celebration of life. A surprising and luminous perfume that invites you to celebrate in style with a whirlwind of exotic cocktails. Still Life is a brilliant depiction of a joyous moment, frozen for an instant in a photograph or memory.

The brilliance of Japanese Yuzu ignites this scent, a citric element somewhere between mandarin and the lemon-like papeda. Elemi adds a solidity to this searing start, while black, Sichuan (very floral and freezingly hot) and pink pepper proceed to infuse this top with a warm heat that disperses the sunny intensity of fruit and resin.

Star anise is a moment of dark sweetness, like the shadow of night falling over this gregarious scent, heralding a different element of this party atmosphere. Galbanum’s dulcet lushness couples easily with the sepia-toned warmth of rum, creating a refreshed, but definitively evening fragrance.

Cedarwood embraces us, a smoky, dry yet relaxing scent that is well-matched with the savory aspects of ambrox. A stark contrast between ever-present freshness and comfort. A woody citrus fragrance full of contrasts, Still Life is energetic and alive.

Perfumer: Dora Baghriche at Firmenich
(yuzu, elemi, pink pepper, black pepper, Sichuan pepper, star anise, galbanum, dark rum, cedarwood, ambrox)
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