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Still Life In Rio Eau de Parfum by Olfactive Studio (100ml Fragrance)

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The Spirit Dawns

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Size: 100ml fragrance

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Product Description:

Still Life In Rio is Olfactive Studio’s first fragrance based on a destination. The approach remains staunchly photographic: senses are treated to a unique view of the bay. Taken by Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso, the image captures Rio's beauty at the special moment when the sky ignites and the sun spreads its golden shroud. At dawn, he ventured to the emblematic Corcovado, where the majestic statue of Christ stands. The picture was snapped from the peak viewing platform. A moment in time that conveys strength and fullness.

A visual ballet spawns triggers emotion. Rio awakens: renewal is what Still Life in Rio captures. A vibrant, expansive perfume that promises a fullness of light and motion. While light shines through Still Life in Rio, this sunny perfume is best described in terms the primeval flicker of starlight.

Exotic and luminous, Still Life in Rio is uniquely invigorating. Yuzu glitters, a golden nectar that clangs joyously, like cymbals and bells in concert. Ginger shimmers against yuzu its dry spice offsetting yuzu’s juicy ebullience.

The green piquancy of mint enlivens the classical, floral structure of lemon essence, which is both tart and sweet. These primary notes tantalize our palates: like faint whispers of light across the fading evening sky, Still Life in Rio is a delicate dawning.

As this fragrance blossoms on skin, a blend of Jamaican hot peppers create a hot cacophony that is both irresistible and gorgeously transparent. Like a sliver of red voile, Jamaican peppers drape forthcoming notes, engendering a juicier, lush experience of each successive note through their thirsty fire.

Pink pepper is a delicate effect after these bold Jamaican capsicums, but its floral tang is delightfully evident, like a tickle of pleasure. Similarly, black pepper is dry yet assertive, a subtle shade of spice that teases and elicits a feeling of leisure.

Coconut water is a dulcet, sheer effect that both magnifies and tempers the preceding spices creating a rich fluidity. Brazilian Copaiba is a woodsy refreshment that infuses some cool blue tones into this fire colored fragrance.

White leather adds an apple-like crunch, an additional texture that sustains the velvet fluidity of Still Life in Rio while adding some desirable definition. The honeyed, irresistible sweetness of Rum beckons, like the gentle call of a new day. Still Life in Rio is a vivid energy, as finely wrought as it is enthusiastic and vibrant. Enjoy this escape from the doldrums, and the spiritual uplift it affords.

Composed by Dora Baghriche at Firmenich.

(yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon, mandarin, Jamacian hot peppers, pink pepper, black pepper, coconut water, Brazilian Copaiba, white leather accords, rum)

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EAN: 3760209750737


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About Olfactive Studio:

Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose. This is the first time ever that perfumers have teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration from their oeuvres. They sense the images to capture their essence.