Tongue Cleanser - Amazing Grace

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Stylish & Effective Oral Care

Origin: England
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Stylish & Effective Oral Care

The smooth and clean geometric lines of Amazing Grace evoke the approach of the avante-garde Abstract Art movement. Effortless style - much the same as the Amano experience. An amazing and graceful way to start the day.Why use a tongue cleanser?Our tongues are almost a third of the surface area of our mouth. They are a rich surface of papillae that has been likened to a deep-pile carpet. That makes them an excellent trap for decaying food debris and bacteria. Medical evidence shows that this environment can create bad breath, plaque and dental decay, as well as reduce taste sensitivity.Toothbrushes and mouthwashes simply cannot remove bacteria as effectively or safely as tongue cleansers.Using a tongue cleaner will:- reduce bad breath- reduce plaque formation- reduce tooth decay- refresh the palate, enabling taste buds to function more effectivelyWhy Amano?The Italian-crafted Amano Tongue Cleanser has been designed to give a superior tongue cleansing performance. The head is made of 18/10 Austenitic Steel ? a high-grade chromium and nickel alloy. Because of the precise design and weight, there is NO GAG affect! And unlike a plastic tongue cleanser, which needs to be regularly replaced, an Amano Tongue Cleanser will last for years to come.

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