Honour Woman Eau de Parfum

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Integrity as Beauty

Origin: Oman
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Integrity as Beauty

A white floral fragrance inspired by the tragic predicament of Madame Butterfly. In honour of truth and beauty, her poetic love and sorrow echo eternally. Pepper marks the prickling dawn of infatuation, a troublesome emotion that will only intensify. As pepper awakens us to the inevitable, rhubarb emerges, a transparent yet color rich note that's as tangy and moreish as a first smile between an infatuated pair. Coriander is the sparkling dance, the lightest touch between two that leaves skin singed by amorous prospect. The floral heart that makes up the core of Honor Woman marks the arrival of love, in full bloom. Affected by the fresh, hopeful and excited opening notes, jasmine is buoyant and fruity, a refreshing flower that is imperceptibly indolic. Tuberose amps up the volume of jasmine's luminous ballad, creating a full throttle aria that reverberates with the honeyed brilliance of gardenia and the searing, heavenly illumination of lily of the valley. Carnation marks the end of this floral rejoice; it's bittersweet, dusky spice signals the sunsetting of this pure, unsullied scent, and it's inevitable acquisition of a real world tarnish. Vetiver is a coming down to earth, this spicy, soil-rich green representing a facing of facts. Frankincense and opoponax carve out the specter of an amorphous, looming presence that shadows and alters the idyllic garden at Honor's heart. Amber appears to calcify and freeze the preceding notes in its sepia, backward glance. Leather is the final casement, a post-post mark that signals this florid business of love is over and done with. Still, despite the clear cut finish of Honour, so bright is its heart that the luminous, floral character of this fragrance never deserts us. Honor tells the story of a love that (technically) ends, but lives on in memory (scent). Shimmering, fleeting evanescence majesty, Honor is a deeply romantic and ultimately hopeful creation that captures and preserves love at its brightest.

Notes: pepper, rhubarb leaves, coriander, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley, carnation, vetiver, frankincense, amber, opoponax, leather)

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