Jubilation XXV Man Eau de Parfum

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Irresistible Magnetism

Origin: Oman
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Irresistible Magnetism

Created for those enigmatic individuals who exude a philosophic charm and sophistication that traverses all eras and cultures. Jubilation Man is a buzzing, subtle scent that energizes as it soothes. A genteel accessory that easily outstrips the competition, this fragrance is a perfectly encapsulates the quiet spirit of true confidence. Cistus labdanum is a soft, dusky beginning to this scent, the rich incense suffusing herbs and citrus that compose the top of Jubilation with a subdued charm. Under labdanum's smoky influence coriander sparkles softly, its soapy linearity relaxing into a soft dew. Orange is less spicy, its zesty intensity subsiding into juicy, sweet harmony with davana. In a similar fashion, frankincense envelops and alters blackberry, it's bittersweet juice made more luminous yet sheer via the herbal incense. Bay leaves and cinnamon steep in honey, creating a savory heat, which makes the sweet viscous liquid expand and overflow its bounds. This newly expanded, fluid rolls into the creamy, satin smooth tongues of orchid and drenches the velveteen petals of rose until both flowers are drenched in gold (nectar). As rose and orchid absorb honey they reproduce a complex, three dimensional vaporous outline of themselves, every intricate detail of each flower represented in the smell they release. The spicy-woody-resinous base beneath these flowers refracts each and every contour of the blooms, so when we finally encounter oud, it's interaction with these flowers is subtle yet infinite in possibility. Jubilation XXV is a complex scent that wears seamlessly. Soapy smooth, a constant vibration powers this fragrance, as each note meets another. A powerful, traditional masculine fragrance, updated for a modern wearer. Jubilation XXV is unshakeable, a handsome articulation of gentlemanly, sensual confidence. (labdanum ciste, coriander, orange, davana, frankincense, blackberry, honey, bay, cinnamon, orchid, rose, clove, celery seeds, gaiac wood, patchouli, opoponax, myrrh, atlas cedarwood, musk, moss, ambergris, oud wood, immortelle)

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