Amy Bizzarri

Discovering Vintage Chicago

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Visit Classic Windy City Destinations

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Visit Classic Windy City Destinations

We love Chicago! That's where our family business Merz Apothecary was founded in 1875, and that's where our two store locations are today. Check out our store, and other classic Chicago destinations in Amy Bizzari's book, Discovering Vintage Chicago!A bit about the book:Discovering Vintage Chicago is a guide to all of the city's timeless classic spots that take you back in time. The book spotlights the charming stories that tell you what each place is like now and how it got that way. It includes indexes that let you choose the places you want to visit by neighborhood, by category, and naturally, by era.Discovering Vintage Chicago takes you to classic restaurants, shops, and other establishments that still thrive today and evoke the unique character of the city. They're all still around? but they won't be around forever. Start reading, and start your discovering now!

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