Geranium Bourbon Reunion Essential Oil

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Origin: USA
Scent: Geranium
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Pelargonium graveolens is a perennial shrubby plant which grows to about three feet in height. It has small, pinkish white flowers and fragrantly pointy, serrated-edged leaves. The oil content of the flowers is less than that of the leaves. Geranium Bourbon Reunion Essential Oil is steam distilled from the fragrant leaves of the plant. The color of the oil is dark green, brownish, or brownish yellow. It has a scent like other Geranium Oils, but slightly sweeter. Bourbon Reunion is considered the most aromatic of the Geranium oils. Geranium was first introduced to the Reunion Islands in 1870. These remote islands are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 500 miles from Madagascar. The Bourbon oil differs compositionally from other Geranium oils, due to its geographical location and the island climate conditions, etc. Geranium Bourbon Reunion Essential Oil is the finest of the Geranium Essential Oils.

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