Sandalwood Australian 10% Jojoba

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Origin: USA
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Auroma’s Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil has a soft, woody, and extremely tenacious aroma that is somewhat balsamic in its delicate sweetness. It’s the top note that differs from Sandalwood sourced from East India: it is not as sweet but slightly resinous, like myrrh. The color of the oil is pale yellow to yellow. 

Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil is extracted from the heartwood of a native Australian tree. The level of constituents are very close to the traditional East Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil therefore, it is considered an excellent alternative in all applications.
Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil is a natural antifungal agent. Applied to the skin, Australian Sandalwood essential oil is soothing, cooling, and moisturizing.

Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil

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