Bath House

Purse Spray Velvet Orchid + Cardamom

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Mysterious & Sensual

Origin: England
Scent: Cardamom
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Mysterious & Sensual

A convenient and stylish purse spray in a smart chrome atomiser. Ideally sized for your handbag, you can spritz generously anytime, fragrancing your skin and transforming your mood whenever and wherever you are.Velvet Orchid and Cardamom is a heavenly combination of floral notes with a delicate warm heart, which radiates the mystery and sensuality of the east. This sophisticated fragrance, composed of orchid, night jasmine, cyclamen and crushed peony, is delicately spiced with vanilla pepper and cardamom. Discreet notes of musk, sandalwood and vetiver accentuate the sensuality of this fragrance. Flowers and spices scent the air of an oriental garden; this is a perfume that hints of unspoken secrets, mystery and magic.Bath House perfume is made from 100% natural alcohol, from organic wheat in Northern Italy. Formulated with 90% natural ingredients.

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