Amande + Tonka 1902 Eau de Toilette

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Warm & Delicate

Origin: France
Scent: Almond, Musk, Tonka
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Warm & Delicate

Amande + Tonka is a feminine eau de toilette, warm and delicate. The powdered notes of the tonka bean bring all the originality of this fragrance.As winter draws to a close in the Tanneron hills, and nature is still in hibernation, the forest explodes with Mimosa blossom. This extraordinary plant captures the sun's rays to produce a resplendent display of millions of tiny 'suns' which light up the cold sky and spread their warmth.- Almond essential oil is not used in perfumery, but coumarin or heliotropin is used to replicate its warm, fruity, powdery almond notes.- Tonka bean absolute is obtained by extraction form the seed of a tree which grows in Brazil. It has a powdery, almondy, and slightly toasty aroma.- Musk is of animal origin. As hunting is now prohibited, all the musks used in perfumery today are synthetic. Musk has a powerful, animal, woody scent.

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