Lierre + Bois 1902 Eau de Toilette

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Herbaceous & Full of Character

Origin: France
Scent: Cardamom, Cedar, Ivy
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Herbaceous & Full of Character

An herbaceous eau de toilette with character, Lierre + Bois is a mixed eau de toilette with herbaceous notes. This fragrance combines the aromatic freshness of the ivy with the authenticity of the wood.A stream running through undergrowth in a magical place with luscious vegetation. The fragrance of aromatic plants, the tree trunks are covered in ivy. On contact with the skin, the green notes soften and give off a profuse, truly envigorating freshness.- Ivy originates from Europe, Western Asia and North America. It is used in perfumery for the heady scent of its leaves and stems. The esssential oil, obtained by distillation, has green notes with a hint of rose, lemon and menthol.- Virginia and Texas cedars are the two species most commonly used in perfumery. Wood shavings from the tree are distilled to produce an essential oil with dry, green, resinous notes.- Cardamon comes from the fruit of a plant which is grown in India, Indonesia and Guatemala. The seeds contained in the fruit pod are distilled to obtain an essence with spicy, woody, campherous, aniseed notes.

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