Black Ship Grooming Co.

Grace O'Malley Aftershave

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Moisturizing Blend of Musk & Sandalwood

Origin: USA
Scent: Musk, Sandalwood
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Moisturizing Blend of Musk & Sandalwood

Grace O' Malley is an ode to the Irish roots of Black Ship Grooming Co. Layers of musk and sandalwood create a rugged base, then verbena, iris and the smallest amount of mint top it off. One try and you'll be hooked! Black Ship aftershaves:- Tone and brace your skin- Soften and soothe- Help heal your skin Each aftershave has been formulated with skin-soothing Witch Hazel, aloe, and vitamin E to brace and heal your skin. This aftershave will leave your skin feeling moisturized - most splashes contain alcohol, which makes your skin feel dry. You'll find that when you use Black Ship splashes you don't need secondary moisturizers. Just a touch of menthol offers a slight cooling effect.Each splash comes in a handsome 4-oz. frosted glass bottle.

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