Bois 1920

Agrumi di Sicilia Eau de Toilette

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Searingly Sensual

Origin: Italy
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Searingly Sensual

Agrumi di Sicilia evokes the crystalline clarity of a midsummer day. Unique freshness, Agrumi di Sicilia is piercingly bright, but does not blind or conceal the wearer. Hesperidic notes (grapefruit, lemon, orange mandarin and petitgrain) are bolstered by an animalic dose of cumin that softens the sharp citric edges of these tart fruits. In the midst of Agrumi di Sicilia jasmine is a soft, ethereal presence that allows all the tangy intensity of this scent to float and flit, rather than strike, sharply. Patchouli extends a shadow of sweet benevolence over the preceding notes, like a cloud lazily rolling in the afternoon. Lime and lavender convey the bee-buzzed grass, a dry, floral, green effect that segues perfectly into the taut verdancy of sandalwood. An elegant, sensual base of cassis and musk anchors this high octane citrus, lending it a 3D quality; infused by these final notes, Agrumi di Sicilia is augmented, like a droplet of dew it is three dimensional and transparent simultaneously. A naturalistic, mouthwateringly fresh scent that makes us feel as if we have truly slowed down to smell the daisies, in some idyllic pasture. (grapefruit, lemon, cumin, orange, mandarin, petitgrain, jasmine, patchouli, lime, lavender, sandalwood, cassis, musk)

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