Bois 1920

Dolce di Giorno Eau de Parfum

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A Rich Treat

Origin: Italy
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A Rich Treat

Seductive and mysterious, Dolce di Giorno is an encounter between citrus and spice. Bergamot is a bright, fluid tartness that enlivens cinnamon's 2-dimensional, woody spice. Grapefruit is a floral, searing note that pairs perfectly with the matte, gritty spice of pepper. Thyme is a subtle, sweetly floral herb that melds seamlessly with the cool, floral heat of cardamon. Nargamotha and prune interweave in the heart of Dolce di Giorno, creating a memorable alchemy that is dry yet rich. The heavier notes in this fragrance are an essential supporting framework that stands on its own while preserving the ideal version of all preceding notes. Patchouli is a powerhouse that vividly reinforces the plummy intensity of prune. Haitian vetiver adds an insouciant splash, its lively green spice balancing out the ripe intensity of patchouli and prune. Extraordinary woods (cashmeran, guaiac wood, sandalwood and cedarwood) create a complex, aerated base that creates a woodsy filter through which this composition lands, delicately, on skin. Tender vanilla smoothes out any kinks, helping to integrate this composition on skin, while virile labdanum's gauzy drape maintains Dolce di Giorno's assertive, colorful character. A dynamic, bittersweet scent, Dolce di Giorno is an adventurous triumph, perfect for those who seek an androgynous, provocative fragrance. (bergamot, cinnamon, pepper, grapefruit, Figolide?, cardamom, thyme, prune, nargamutta, Evee?, patchouli absolute, Haitian vetiver, cedarwood labdanum absolute, Australian sandalwood, gaiac wood, Cashmere wood vanilla, Lorenox?, orcanox)

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