Bois 1920

Oro 1920 Eau de Parfum

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A Golden Assurance

Origin: Italy
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A Golden Assurance

A firm and deep fragrance, that's opaquely magnetic. Like a long, dark, satin garment, Oro unfolds with bewitching fluidity showcasing curves and lines while remaining intrinsically mysterious. Elegant nuances of ginger and incense interweave, to create a shimmering finish that pervades Oro from the top down. This luminous sparkle is rounded out by the refreshing caress of aromatic fir, which both enhances and stabilizes the tremulous effect ginger and incense engender. Raspberry provides an unusual fruity uplift that is as bitter and gritty as it is sweet, and imbues an earthiness into Oro. Guaiac wood is a funky, slightly lactic wood that absorbs and synthesizes the divergent textures herein. A sumptuous note of precious iris makes Oro resplendent, and evokes a sense of classic glamour. May rose is a bright, clean effect, nestled between the tender, sinuous ripeness of osmanthus and curls of opoponax (sweet myrrh). On skin, Oro is intense, further embellished by the grounding richness of tobacco, dense resins and creamy vanilla, all of which heighten a beeswax polished leather, which is dulcet and taut simultaneously, a prestigious, element of durable, solid clout. Oro is a sensual, profound scent that connotes confidence and self-determination. Wear Oro and feel golden. (raspberry neo nat je, ginger, incense, fir balsam, May rose absolute, orris abs pure je, opoponax, osmanthus, gaiac wood, benzoin, leather, vanilla, beeswax, tobacco)

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