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Real Patchouly Eau de Toilette

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A Patchouli Jewel

Origin: Italy
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A Patchouli Jewel

Sensual and intense, Real Patchouly is a sophisticated take on the self same classic note. Celery creates a lightweight, luminous verdancy that imparts a delightful crispness. Mandarin is definitively green, a bright light that illuminates this cast of herbal, woodsy richness. Thyme is lightweight, floral, and slightly woody, the ideal complement to the dulcet density of davana. Cedarwood transforms the preceding notes into a dry, wafting curtain that flits and floats to temptingly reveal the real star of this show, patchouli. Like a jewel, patchouli glitters, set within the velvet textures of Indian sandalwood and incense. A bittersweet refreshment, patchouli is as color dense and enigmatic as an emerald. Tobacco echoes the chewy sweetness of patchouli's leaf, while vanilla and amber emphasize the woody harmony of this precious fragrance. Benzoin and labdanum perform a vanishing act that elevates patchouli's mysterious quotient and keeps this fragrance familiar but fugitive on skin. A suave, soft reimagining of patchouli that's oh-so-touchable. (celery, mandarin, thyme, davana, cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, eucalyptus, incense, tobacco leaves, musk, vanilla, amber, benzoin, labdanum)

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