Tsuge Boxwood Short Comb

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Handmade In Japan!

Origin: Japan
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Handmade In Japan!

Experience the beauty of Chidoriya's Tsuge Boxwood Comb! Unlike plastic, it will not create static or snap your hair. Great for back combing or teasing your hair. Easy to fit into your purse. Chidoriya's Tsuge Boxwood Short Comb is an essential tool for parting and sectioning your hair. Handmade by skilled comb artisans in Japan. Made with Satsuma boxwood grown in Kagoshima, Japan, where this wood is highly prized for its density and luster. The materials for this boxwood comb are naturally dried for more than 3 years and hand-carved individually. Layers of Camellia oil are applied repeatedly into the comb to bring out the wood's natural beauty and shine. Length: 6.25 inches.



Never use soap & water to clean wooden combs. Please use pure vegetable oils such as Pure Camellia Oil to clean and maintain them.

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