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White Peacock Lily Eau de Parfum

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Enchanted Flowers

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Enchanted Flowers

A lone peacock floats over cream lilies, oleander, and a sea of alabaster violet. Orchestral pads of harps and horns drone. Pale blue fog hangs in the far woodlands. White Peacock Lily is a romantic reverie that, with a cool, controlled hand, explores the zany passion of white florals. Never overwhelmingly sweet or dully fluorescent, White Peacock Lily is a presence both solid and sheer. Oleander is sweet yet indeterminate, a shimmering, spinning pattern of petals that twirls before our noses us like a dizzying, intricate fan dance. The most lively, creamed aspect of oleander faces outward, while its taut inner bittersweetness stays subtly concealed. Cabreuva rouge is a beacon of comfort, shining beneath oleander like the soft, snowy glow of footlights. Grapefruit invisibly highlights the silk and featherwork of oleander, its citric linearity underscoring and defining the circular lineage of oleander's trajectory. White lily cream is the smooth calm that settles after oleander exits the stage, having amply entranced us. Lily's ensconcing, cool brilliance settles onto skin like a fine, airlight down. Egyptian jasmine, though a white floral, is distinctly colorful: incredibly fruity and satisfyingly indolic, this is a dense texture that signals stability amidst the ephemerals of White Peacock Lily. Alabaster violet reinforces the substantive aims of jasmine: this white floral incarnation of violet is a pure but still piquant energy that adds consequential rhythm to this melodious scent. Liquid ambrette frames the pale elegance of these florals, casting a warm, golden light over the cloudy proceedings. Vanilla controls lively jasmine and violet, stilling these elements in its cream colored river. On skin, White Peacock Lily is quietly adamant, growing stronger and more vivid over time. Beautifully lyrical yet neatly orchestrated, White Peacock Lily inspires dreams of beyond. (oleander, cabreuva rouge, grapefruit pith, white lily cream, Egyptian jasmine, alabaster violet, liquid ambrette seed, vanilla, fog)

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