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Lavender Deodorant Can - Regular Strength

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6 Months of Effective Toxin and Chemical Free Deodorant

Origin: USA
Scent: Lavender
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6 Months of Effective Toxin and Chemical Free Deodorant

Created by the Duggan Sisters to be completely safe to use on any type of skin while also providing powerful odor protection and relief, LifeStinks deodorant is a must have addition to every bathroom. Natural and toxin-free using a simple blend of aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil, and lavender or cedarwood oil, this product is gentle on your skin and easy to use. Crafted by three Chicago sisters in search of a superior deodorant that provides relief from many common issues associated with odor control, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Duggan Sisters. An increasing number of studies have shown that anti-perspirants containing aluminum are linked to cancer and other diseases. LifeStinks offers a revolutionary delivery system: simply shake out a small amount onto the palm of your hand and pat onto the underarm. If you need extra protection, dab a small amount of the StinkStick on your finger and apply to your underarm before applying the powder. You will perspire lightly and odor will be neutralized naturally. Boasting a perfectly effective blend of powerful ingredients, you can take your mind off your scent with powerful odor protection that will last all day. LifeStinks deodorant also helps to keep you dry, providing relief from mild perspiration that can make you uncomfortable. Best of all, this deodorant washes completely out of clothes, so there is no need to worry about stains that will ruin your shirts. A simple and easy to use powder, it is easy to apply and forget about, not needing to be touched up throughout the day, so you can take your mind off your deodorant and enjoy life to the fullest.


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Sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil, lavender oil

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