Edwin Jagger

Light Horn Best Badger Shave Brush

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Beautiful Shaving Brush

Origin: England
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Beautiful Shaving Brush

This fine Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush in Light Horn Color lets you shave off whiskers softly and easily without irritation, redness or shave bumps. Handsome and extremely well crafted in England with the finest materials to help you experience the most enjoyable shave possible.

Many men don't realize it, but shaving brushes have many advantages over just using your fingers. Shaving brushes generate a rich and warm lather of shaving cream, soften and lift your facial hairs, open pores, bring sufficient water to the skin, and gently exfoliate. After using the Edwin Jagger Barley Chrome Shaving Brush, you'll wonder how you ever shaved without a shaving brush. It's time to rediscover what our fathers and grandfathers knew - shaving brushes greatly improve shaving and your skin.

This is a perfect gift or for treating yourself. Return to the glory days of using a shaving brush, before cheap gels and disposable razors came on the market. Make shaving a daily experience to be enjoyed with this luxurious handmade brush from Edwin Jagger.

Edwin Jagger Part Number: LHCSBSB

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