Sky Eau de Toilette

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Heaven Scent

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Heaven Scent

An aerial fragrance, Gendarme Sky eau de parfum is pure heaven. Translating Topper Schroeder's imagining of earth's outer atmosphere, Sky adds a celestial energy to your daily orbit. Juniper berry engineers a multi-colored kind of blue that blooms slowly from a deep lapis-flecked turquoise into a lighter robin's egg blue, and ultimately into a cool near-white tone of bittersweet, genever refreshment. A very unique lime complements the scintillating, synesthetically limitless tones of juniper berry, creating a sheer, tangy splash that counteracts the herbal sweetness. Spicy cardamom adds a layer of floral heat that makes Sky soar on skin, into the cool, crisp mist of clouds shot through with the searing, yellow-white heat of the sun. Sky is a truly accessible invocation of insurmountable majesty, and it evokes a sense of limitlessness we gain when we remember to take a moment, look up and consider the universe. Heaven sent inspiration in a sprayable form.


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Weight: 6 ozDimensions: 1 x 1 x 3 inSize: Sample Vial, 6.7 oz Spray, 3.4 oz Spray, 6 oz Spray Aluminum Can, 1.7 oz Travel Size Can

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