Amelia Eau de Parfum

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Simply Wonderful

Origin: England
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Simply Wonderful

A soft and elegant modern chypre, Amelia is a captivating fragrance that expresses a freedom of spirit, and an effortless, natural sense of beauty. Amelia opens with enticing neroli, a light, spicy incarnation of itself which is prevented from growing too indulgent by a beam of green, galbanum-esque light. Osmanthus is a soft backdrop, that adds the tender dimensionality of peach fuzz, with the fragrant heft of fresh, spring blossoms. Smoother, more sophisticated florals reside in the heart of Amelia. An indisputably pink rose emanates a slightly bittersweet cool that feels like heavy satin against skin. Peony is an insurgent, striking beauty, full of verdant, linear intelligence that slowly develops into an energetic fruity presence. This second-wave peony is the perfect predecessor to jasmine, which transforms from a perfectly ripe flower into a fluid, heady indolic cream. Yet even as Amelia grows more complex (thanks to the high contrast between floral notes and the creep of animalism from jasmine), this fragrance never loses an inspiring innocence. Warm amber supports each unique bloom that comprises Amelia, flowing over and crystallizing around every unique contour of petal and stem. Patchouli's sweet, green smoke is a subtle presence herein that enhances the lightest aspects of the heady notes of Amelia's heart. Sandalwood and vetiver illustrate the fine, mineral rich bedrock of Amelia, the slightly spiced grass and the searing powder of wood judiciously mitigating the delectable sweetness of this scent. Cashmere musks form the long-lasting and rounded base that allows Amelia to live on skin in a state of eternal, blissful youth. Created in honour of Amelia Brooke, the owner's great grandmother, who was key to his discovery of the lost perfume house. Amelia's father was the founder, John Grossmith. Amelia is a tribute that communicates grace and tenderness. An irresistible, ageless wonder.

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