Betrothal Eau de Parfum

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Modern, Regal Love

Origin: England
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Modern, Regal Love

Romantic and regal, Betrothal is made with the finest ingredients. Created for a modern princess, Betrothal opens with a burst of lively citrus notes, leading to a ravishing floral bouquet, combining Rose de Mai and jasmine from Grasse, drying down to a rich, sensual base. Initially luminous and light-hearted, Betrothal's heart reveals a fundamental discussion of traditional versus modern romantic ideals. Representing romantic tradition, regal Rose de Mai is indisputably beautiful, delicately fruity and eminently recognizable. Jasmine represents a more contemporary take on love, with its lush, unabashed sensuality. The other flowers of Betrothal highlight and underscore each side of this amorous argument. Heliotrope echoes the lightness of rose but reflects the richness of jasmine. Ylang ylang is as fruity and luminous as rose, while neroli's spicy heat echoes jasmine's wild side. This fragrant debate is equally waged, ensuring that no matter your perspective, Betrothal is sure to win your heart. Launched to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton in 2011, the original Betrothal was created in 1893 to celebrate another Royal engagement and wedding. Betrothal is a magical, resolutely contemporary scent with elegance and sophistication.

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