Diamond Jubilee Bouquet Eau de Parfum

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Historic Romance

Origin: England
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Historic Romance

'The Royal Perfume': Grossmith has created a Limited Edition of this new, modern fragrance, Diamond Jubilee Bouquet, to celebrate the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A sweeping composition inspired by the flowers of her Majesty's Kingdom, Diamond Jubilee Bouquet is a stunning tribute. This rich, resplendent fragrance begins with creamy florals highlighted by lively citrus notes. Notes like lily of the valley and narcissus are refreshing, luminous blooms, which burn all the brighter when ignited by the bursts of tart fruits. As these bright notes meld, they cast a golden glow onto the heart of Diamond Jubilee Bouquet. Illuminated from the top down, this core floral tapestry balances understated sophistication and a sensual warmth. An elegant rose is the backbone of this echelon, an evenly spiked, narrow stalk supporting the vermillion, fragrant head of overlapping velveteen petals. Iris hangs, like a fine mist, surrounding rose in an amethyst-colored haze. Jasmine flows like liquid gold, the cool, dark, earthy river that makes this central garden lusciously dewy. Violet and carnation sprout in this delectably dank environ, two insouciant, aggressive textures that add a much needed savory dimension. This gorgeously cultivated core is inherently delicate, and the base of this fragrance is neatly calibrated to balance and preserve all the finer nuances of each component on skin. A warm, sensual blend of vanilla and tonka bean is subtly complicated by the soil-rich heat of vetiver. Similarly, the herbal rarity of hawthorn throws the familiar, animalic sweetness of amber and musk into a sharper, more focused relief. A rare, romantic vision, Diamond Jubilee Bouquet is a mellifluous, magical tribute to her Majesty. Limited Edition of 500. A donation will be made to the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust for every bottle sold.

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