Floral Veil Eau de Parfum

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Beguiling Beauty

Origin: England
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Beguiling Beauty

A veil may be light and transparent and create an air of sophistication and mystery for the wearer. Beautiful and subtle, Floral Veil is an enchanting white floral with an underlying cool aspect. A vibrant citrus top initiates the action of this dynamic fragrance, while green accords are an attractive contrast to the magnificent, floral multitude we shortly encounter. A rich floral heart unfurls an intriguing blend of geranium, rose, ylang ylang, tuberose, and vanilla orchid. Geranium initially masquerades as a citric-green light, but it quickly develops into a spicier presence which amplifies each succeeding bloom. Rose, initially sweet and clean, grows lush and ripe under geranium's gaze. Similarly, ylang ylang is, at first, a light tropical twist, that glows all the brighter and begins to ooze, transforming into a fluid, tangy sugar when it meets geranium's beam. Tuberose quickly matures into a raspy incantation of self, unleashing a deep, tender sense of romance. The one bloom that remains untouched by geranium's searchlight is the cool, mysterious orchid, which adds a touch of silken, aquatic splendor to Floral Veil. Thanks to orchid's pure, preserved interjection, Floral Veil maintains the balance between insouciant and intriguingly aloof. Resting on a warm smooth base of cashmeran, amber, and musk, Floral Veil comes to a serene, elusive conclusion. The contrast between the cool top notes and warm, opulent floral heart make for an beguiling scent. Floral Veil perpetually holds our hearts captive, as we wait to see what lies beneath.

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