Harmony Cone

Unscented Ear Candles

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Tranquil and Relaxing

Origin: USA
Scent: Unscented
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Tranquil and Relaxing

10'' long and approximately 1/2'' in diameter. They are made with unbleached muslin and food grade wax. This is a non-medical device that is not FDA approved.-Made in the USA! Never a copy, or cheap imitation . . . and never imported from China.-The longest running, single owner company in the United States. Handcrafted by single moms, homeschooling families and those with disabilities.-Highest quality food grade wax available for the safest and cleanest burning candle on the market.-The ONLY candle in the USA with a burn line label and directions, ensuring consumer safety.-Carbon Neutral Footprint on the environment with biodegradable packaging and patented safety tips created from PLA (Corn Starch).

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